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Pranic Healing is A Lifestyle!

Benefits of Pranic Healing extends to all the areas of life.


Pranic Healing is an advanced modality that improves health and total wellness. Not only can Pranic Healing cure most diseases, it can also be used to prevent disease states from ever occurring. In addition to techniques used in Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing teaches the use of color pranas that are very effective and produce deep and lasting healing. Also, after training in Pranic Psychotherapy, you can better attain an ideal balance between emotional, mental, and physical health.


Pranic Healing also helps enrich your relationships, starting with yourself and then with others. Through regular practice of healing and meditation, you become more patient, compassionate, and understanding of people around you. With this enhanced ability, your relationships with your family members, friends, and work colleagues become more harmonious, enriched, and meaningful.


Taking natural laws, specifically the law of attraction, and re-learning it from an energetic perspective, practitioners of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga discover how to attract abundance, prosperity, and success in all areas of their lives. Using systems like Pranic Feng Shui and the principles of Kriyashakti, practitioners learn how to sustain the flow of energy for financial and material abundance.


Many people go through phases of their lives feeling empty or lost. Through the practice of Pranic Healing and the Meditation on Twin Hearts, you learn the value of giving and being of service. Master Choa Kok Sui said, “what you give comes back to you many many times …” When giving becomes a way of life, practitioners are guaranteed to also receive in many areas of their life so that emptiness and loneliness vanish!