Meditation on Twin Hearts

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Meditation that blesses the world!

Feeling tired? Stressed? Or spiritually empty? Ease yourself from the aggravation of daily life by practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts. It is an advanced meditation technique aimed at achieving illumination. It is also a form of ‘world service’ as the divine energy received during meditation will be used to bless the entire world.

Key to Attaining Higher Consciousness

Besides rendering service to humanity, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is also the key to attaining higher consciousness. The technique works by focusing on what is called ‘twin hearts’: the Emotional Heart and the Divine Heart described as the physical and spiritual heart centers. This meditation allows you to serve as a channel to receive a tremendous downpour of divine energy. It is through this flow of powerful energy that you can achieve illumination and higher consciousness. So if you want to be relieved of daily stresses while helping the world become a better place, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is a wonderful practice to incorporate in your daily routine.

Based on the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

The Meditation on Twin Hearts uses the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi to become a conduit of blessings to the world. The technique helps transmute negativity into positive states: turning hate into love, sadness to joy, and despair to hope.

Steady practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts will significantly improve your physical health, mental health, and spiritual connection to God. Thousands of practitioners all over the world in over 150 countries regularly do the Meditation on Twin Hearts. If everybody started to practice this wonderful form of world service, we can certainly achieve world peace. So if you want to be relieved of daily stresses while helping the world become e a better place, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is the right technique for you.

“Meditation on Twin Hearts is one of the most powerful meditation tools for spiritual development. It is a true gift from the Great Ones.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Benefits of the Meditation on Twin Hearts

Meditation on Twin Hearts is one of the meditations with most glowing testimonials from all over the world. It is simple, short, guided and very effective in improving various aspects of life. The benefits of the Meditation on Twin Hearts include:

Self-Confidence & Creativity

Meditation is a form of inner awakening. The energy produced regenerates the physical body, purifies the emotions, and sharpens the mind. The practitioner enters into a state of peace becoming more selfaware, confident, and creative.

Improved the Immune System

A study conducted at the Ohio State University showed that meditation helps in improving the immunity of recovering cancer patients. They found that the progressive muscle relaxation done in meditation can reduce the risks of cancer recurrence, especially when practiced daily.

Peace & Happiness

Meditation on Twin Hearts activates the Heart Chakra. Once the Hearts Chakra opens during the meditation and the emotional hurt, negative experiences and disturbing thoughts get cleared, you will feel greater inner peace within you and therefore experience more love and happiness.

Sharper Mind

During this meditation lots of divine energy enters the body. Divine energy acts as a purifier, flushing out the clouds of negative thoughts and emotions from your system. Once the old emotional thoughts and emotions are cleared, you will have clearer mind that leads to faster decision making.

Improved Relationships

By doing Twin Hearts Meditation you get filled with love; your Heart Chakra expands and your Crown Chakra develops. Therefore you find yourself having more harmonizing relationships with your family, friends and co-workers. Your sensitivity to feel their needs will also improve. You can also use the generated energy to bless a person or a group of people, that helps in bringing more harmony, love and peace to your relationships.

Developed Intuition

By developing the Crown Chakra, your intuition will get developed. Having intuition metaphorically is described as a person who can See! People often call it direct knowing or inner guidance. Whatever it is called, intuition is a great tool to understand life and live it to the fullest with minimum mistakes.